Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garden is growing

"He who plants a garden, plants happiness." - Garden Quotes

On our military installation we aren't allowed to dig in the yard to do a garden. (Ha. We don't even mow our own yard, nor do we even do the landscaping. They do it all! Pathetic, huh? I miss the smell of cut grass, dirty fingers and hours of a riding  on a lawn mower listening to a hum.)  My options are limited. So, last year I thought I would give pot gardening a good try.  God made it successful!  In one pot alone, I got over 60 cucumbers.  Not shabby, huh?  I like my "Grow Boxes" a lot.

Yesterday, I got out in the yard and planted/prepped by garden pots! Left to Right -- I have a garden box of peas (still have to get the trellis up for it). The next two are cucumbers.  The next box is cherry tomatoes.  The fifth box is two blueberry bushes. I planted them last year. They look pretty pathetic right now but it is starting to burst forth a little.  Then, the last two boxes are beans.
Last year's next door neighbor was called the Garden Goddess of Bloom Road.  Unfortunately, she came quietly over into my box garden and  used fertilizer on my organic fertilized plants and pruned them as well. And, the result? I think our overly loved bushes did not like the attention! They did not do well last year. This year, "NO TOUCHY!"  I hope the blueberries will come back from all that love last year. It seems like it is trying to thrive, even though it looks totally pathetic still! 

The black pot is the Little Lady's  Chocolate Mint herbs.  It is the garnish of choice in smoothies, cheese cake and ice cream.  It smells like chocolate peppermint candy! I hope the deer don't have a sweet tooth!

The two green pots are bell peppers. They are an experiment this year.

Lastly, this is the little girls' flip/flop tomato plant. Not sure how it is going to turn out either. It was not even up side down and hanging before one of the main branches got broken by little hands. And, I am sure it will be over watered with lots of love!
I did not try strawberries this year.  They did well in the garden pots but unfortunately just as they were turning green to red where we could pick them, the deer came through and ate the strawberries, leaves, and steams totally down to the dirt! Poor little strawberry bushes got lush and beautiful three times before they decided it was not worth growing either!  Ha! A fence probably would keep them out a little! But, did I mention that in order to have a fence you have to rent them for $40 a month here!

Speaking of deer,  I lost three Amish rocking chairs to a deer this past winter. What he was trying to do with them I will never know! We are going to have to take them apart for fire wood now. I told Beloved that I am not totally heartbroken although I was not extremely pleased either. But, I have always had my eyes on Cracker Barrel rocking chairs!

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  1. I wanted to make a garden this year, got my spot picked out and found some pots...but never got my dirt or plants, hummmm, maybe next year I'll have more time in my yard.


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