Sunday, May 25, 2014

Military Brother Remembrance

"It's hard to forget someone that gave you so much to remember." - Unknown

Memorial Day Weekend Remembrance. 

This was going around from friend to friend recently. 
It is a picture of the pilots that Beloved loves so dearly. 
Beloved is on the left. 

This is special picture.

Beloved flew 4 men to a mountain in Afghanistan. Those men came under fire.  Later, two of his closest friends flew up more men to help rescue those 4 original men. While doing so, their helicopter was shot down. All perished. Days later, Beloved escorted them back to the United States to their families, memorials and funerals -- he never left their caskets.  We have been told that the last picture in the movie is of Beloved praying over their caskets draped with an American flag.

The public knows this event as Lone Survivor. 
We know it as the crew of 146.
Turbine 33
Our Military Family! 
P.S. Except for the two pilots who paid the ultimate sacrifice, Beloved is the only one in this picture that is not retired -- the reason for the picture being published.


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