Friday, June 13, 2014

Garden Growing: 5 weeks

 "He who plants a garden, plants happiness." - garden quote

                                     It has been five weeks since I planted my little pot garden!

Cherry Tomato

 The stems are not quite long enough for me to trail them up yet so they have to grow a little bit more. Once they grow I can get their vines to hook up and then they will bush out and upwards. Right now, it looks like a jumbled mess but it isn't. We are going away on a trip though and I am hoping that they don't grow past what I can hook up on the top poles. Other wise, I will have a jumbled mess!

Little Peppers

They are slowly going up!
Not going so well. 
I wonder if  they are getting to much sun/heat. 
 The water reservoirs are not at the point where they have to be filled up with water every other day! Soon, it will be every day.  There is a little gal in my neighborhood that is grabbing my mail and watering my plants while I am on a trip. We will see if she can keep them alive. I have already killed a few already. I don't know if those peas are going to make it at all.


  1. They look great! I just got my plants in...but our growing season is a bit off from yours! Hope your trip is wonderful! (Is it for pleasure - I jumped right to that conclusion! :/)

    1. Business, Pleasure and a visit to friends who are buried at Arlington.


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