Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Some of June's book list

 "Do something today that your future self will thank you for!" - Financial Quote

Recently, I heard a man refer to this scripture when talking about his budget and the vision he wanted for him and his children. "And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." Habakkuk 2:2. It spoke to me a lot.

Beloved and I have lived on a budget our entire marriage. (Well, 16 of our 17 years so not our first year of marriage!)  It all started our second year of marriage when I began to listen to Larry Burkett about being debt free.  Unknown to me, I talked so much about it, that Beloved figured he should tune in and listen to what his wife was listening to.  So, on his commute from home he listened into that christian biblical finance program with out me knowing.   Then one day, Beloved came home and sat down with me one day to do a budget. I was excited, as much as you can be about such a thing. And, that was the day we began  the cash envelops for our expenses! (Except for those items that would be paid by automatically withdraw from the bank!) 

This month, I was in need of some new cash envelops! You have to have some colorful excitement in such mundane type of things! These are the cash envelops I am in charge of mostly during the month.  Dining Out, Groceries, Kids Lessons, Clothing, Homeschool.                     

The envelops just stick into my black planner which just totes around in my purse. My planner is slightly stained but nothing else is wrong with it.  So, although I wanted a new planner, I had to reminded myself that my 12 year old planner is perfectly fine.  The calendar inserts are long gone in my planner. I just use by phone for the calendar. So, the planner holds all of  my store coupon cards from stores, library cards, and our Dr business cards.

The planner is a conversational topic when I flip through all my little business card holders at the stores or Drs offices!  Teenagers think it is crazy. Career women and Homemakers love it!  Men just shake their heads. It makes me feel better to assume that they wish their wives would actually use coupon cards and their library card!

Beloved and I are debt free -- no student loans, no credit cards, no mortgages at this time. This is so hard to maintain in this American society. And, my heart continually has to be reminded to  maintain this life style of being debt free and teaching these principles to my children.  So, last month, I wrote down a few book titles that I would like to read. One was "Smart Money, Smart Kids." I found it at a used book store!  And the other one was, "Buying a House Debt-Free: Equipping Your Sons."  And, I was tickled pink to open up a package that was in the mail from my sweet friend, Anne.  God is good! Her son helped write the book and she sent me a copy!  Occasionally, Anne pops in to read even though she does not comment. "Thanks Anne! You are a precious gem!" (She is always sending me sweet little packages.) 

These were on my reading list this month. I have read them both already. Highlighted. Read it over again as well. I have so many favorite quotes from both of them!

 My favorite book is by the Maxwell's.  It takes on a more personal feel for me and includes debt-free biblical principals that relate to home schoolers.  (I stuck it in Beloved's overnight bag to be read when he went to Oregon for a few days just in case he needed something to read! He completed it.)

In Rachel's book, it was fun to learn that Rachel's husband while they were dating (and before they were married, obviously) paid for the first six months of their dates on his credit card. Her statement that she thought her father was going to come through the restaurants kitchen doors with his "giant pair of card-chopping scissors" was so cute. Dave Ramsey is his father in law so there is no point in asking if he has the card anymore!

Compare the books:

"Buying a House Debt-Free: Equipping Your Sons
        The Biblical principles of being debt free, working hard and saving for a house.

"Smart Money, Smart Kids"
         Her book is about the lessons they have learned and what her Dad taught her.  They also give you the Rachel's Teen Plan: Step 1- Save $500 for emergency fund, Step 2 - Get our of Debt,  Step 3- Pay cash for car. Step 4- Pay Cash for College . Step5 - Build Wealth and give. (Start Dave's adult steps for retirement, saving for a home.)

I also listened to two books on line from youtube about finances.
"The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason
"The Millionaire Next Door." by Dr. Thomas Standly


  1. These are ideals that are difficult to teach yourself and your children these days. I will look into both. I required my teenager to take Financial Peace University for Teens this past year and am so glad.


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