Monday, June 16, 2014

Monument/Memorial Gazing

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man" - Thomas Jefferson, etched in his monument.

Today, we began our adventure at the Union Station.

We had fully loaded backpacks of snacks, waters and a picnic lunch!

We first took a trolley ride through the town to see everything from a far.

Then, around lunch, we got off for a picnic lunch and began mapping out how much we thought little legs could do today.  

Jefferson Monument:
A lovely place to have a quick picnic right beside the Monument and the Tidal Basin. 

Inlet Bridge between Jefferson Memorial and Roosevelt Memorial
Roosevelt Memorial

Beloved treats everyone to ice cream.  3 o'clock snack.
Korean Memorial

Lincoln Memorial:
While we were here at the Lincoln Memorial. Beloved found a quiet place to sit where we could see the Gettysburg Address.  During this time, I told the Little Ones about the speech and broke down the speech so they could understand it. We also talked about the tidbits that we learned about the Memorial from books that we read over the last several weeks.

 As we were coming out of the Memorial, I was stopped by a Graduate writing student. Her assignment was to sit and listen to people at the Memorial and then write what she heard, etc.  Apparently, she heard everything that the children and I discussed and watched us take pictures, etc.  She told me about her assignment and then asked me several questions.  (Where are you from? What are you doing in D.C?  Are we a family? etc.) She was totally excited about how I engaged the children in what they were seeing and that I gave her plenty to write about for her assignment by observing our family!  (Heehee! I bet we did!)  I just told her where we lived currently. That we are  here on a military business trip, a vacation and getting some hands on learning by doing some home school/road schooling!  

Postal Museum: This Museum documents US stamps. Famous Stamp Collectors.
The History of the Mail - Pony Express, Stage Coach Mail Routes, Train Box Car Mail and Air Mail.

 Making a picture of yourself into a stamp.

Union Station: 

                                              Dinner in Union Station: 1950's American Style
                                      Hamburgers, Bacon Chicken Burgers and Chocolate Shakes


  1. Carmen, you got some great shots, and found a couple of nice people to take your picture, too. My brother was in DC two weeks ago! Your meeting with the student was a good thing for her, and your stamp is a hoot!

  2. Carmen, my daughter, Sarah was running around DC today! You probably walked right by each other!
    She headed for Philly though in the evening and is heading back home tomorrow!
    Looks like a.great trip! Enjoy!


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