Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Visiting George at Vernon

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence." George Washington, 1st President of the United States

Mount Vernon: George Washington's home

slave cabin

Washington's Tomb
1st President of the United States
An afternoon boat ride

An archaeological dig on the back side of George Washington's kitchen
The Children got to help swift through the dirt as well
A glimpse of George Washington's Gardens
At the Kids Active Center
(Activities change every two hours) 

They say you can see the entire place in two hours but with all the reenactors, walking tours, boat rides, children's room and exhibits it is just best to plan a full day.  You can't take pictures inside the mansion. But, oh if we could have, I would have taken a picture of the first presidential chair and the bed he died on.  His bedroom and office was beautiful.

They have a food court in the Education Center and a sit down restaurant. No need to bring pack lunches. However, we like picnics so we went back to the car and ate what we planned for the day because Beloved was going to take us to his favorite restaurant in this area. It's a Man Restaurant that is for sure!  Everything is served in big platters on trash can lids, holes in the middle of the tables for trash, and you come out extremely messy!


  1. I would love to see that place; that, and Monticello.

  2. That was my favorite place when I visited DC as a kid! Sarah was there on Fathers Day. She loved it too!

    1. I wish I could have ran into her! That would have been so much fun.


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