Monday, August 4, 2014

July Book Reads

"The more you read. The more things you will know. The more that you learn. The more places you go." - Pin Quote

I decided to read a couple books outside my normal genre.
Contemporary Bibliographies and Autobiographies are not really something I dive into enough.
So, this month, I chose to read "Growing Up Duggar" and "Kisses from Katie".

"Growing Up Duggar" is a sweet book. We don't have a TV so we don't get to see the Duggar show. So, learning a little bit more about them was interesting. I have been told that if you watch the show there won't be anything in the book that you won't already have gleaned from the show.  Saying all that, this books explains the Families convictions well. The girls did an excellent job in bringing their beliefs through the book and explaining why they were put into place. Also, it shares some of the ways they have Ministered to others. I would have preferred the book to have separated the girls out in the book according to each persons conversation. It reads as if it is just one voice speaking for all the girls except in small sections.  It is obvious that all the girls beliefs would be the same. However, adding this separation would have given it more personal feel.  It's a book I will hang on too and use it to bring a few things out from the book to inspire some discussion on some topics with my Little Ones. I can see how this book could be used in a discussion jumping off platform in helping to explain a Families policies in certain areas, beliefs, and desires. There is a little bit of older girl content in the back that I would not want my pre-teen to read at this stage. It is not inappropriate but I am not ready for my children to be exposed to having to think about some of the content yet. 

"Kisses from Katie" is a Missionary book. I heard about Katie through  Dave Ramsey's program. He was interviewing her and allowing her to promote her book through his radio program.  Katie is a young girl who goes off to Uganda to work in an orphanage during her Senior year.  She was greatly moved in her spirit by the Uganda people.  During her gap year, between her senior year of high school and freshman year of college, she went back to Uganda to live for one year. During that time she started a school and adopted several Uganda orphaned children. Adopting the orphan children lead her to be an adopted Mom to 14 orphans.

This is not a book I would toss my young daughters direction. Although, I enjoyed her captivating story, there are other Missionary books that are more appropriate for my kiddos ages. A few things bothered me about the book but they are simply my preference in regards to extremely young women being on the Mission field by themselves. This opinion is drawn from many areas - one being so apart of the missionary/pastor community and also going on missionary trips.

Katie began a ministry called Amazima. This is the link.
The organization feeds hundreds of children and sends them to school.
You can follow her missions link to her blog. 

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