Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Little Man turns 9.

"A Mother's treasure is her son." - PinQuote

Early this morning he was rearing to go! It is his 9th birthday. He counts down the days and celebrates with enthusiasm! So, with clues in hand off he went looking for his treasure. (And, instead of beautiful pictures of our home, I got a couple of shots of all my inner cabinets, nicks and crannies! Oh Well.)

He had to read the clues and treasure seek for the next clue.  The clues sent him all over the house.
                                                           Sent him to the bathroom.

The Laundry room...

Book Closet
Art Supply Cabinet
And off to several other places...
Until finally he got a clue that had him go to the front door. 

A Jar of candy.... Gold Chocolate Coins being the favorite!
More gifts and then....  
His dinner request and Cake. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! God bless you! It sure looks like a fun time and lots of good birthday wishes! That cake is a nice lookin' cake, not to mention a nice looking birthday guy! : )


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