Friday, September 12, 2014

Board Game Thrifty Find

"I got creamed in a board game." Board Game Quote

I head out to garage sale for two hours every Saturday morning in the Spring/Summer/Fall.
Normally, I am picking for a good buy on clothes for the boys and the little girls.  (Jeans! Toddler Dresses!) Meanwhile, the Little Lady looks for books for her book business.  The boys are on the hunt for legos.

This past Saturday we were out and found a wooden board game for $10.  I thought it was a nice little thrifty find for our family.

The board game has the game "Sorry".

The wooden drawer on the side has the cards for "Sorry". It has Dominoes.   And, it has chest pieces too.
When you lift up the "Sorry" board off the wooden board, you will discover another little compartment which holds Monopoly and checker pieces. Plus, another little game too.  
When you flip the "Sorry" board to the other side you will find the "Monopoly" board. 

 Then, if you remove the game pieces, you will finally see that there is a chest/checker board.
It is board game night!


  1. Wow! We were just playing Monopoly recently, after so many years.


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