Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thinking about Legos and Brain Science

"The Gift in You... discover new life through gifts hidden in your mind." - Dr. Caroline Leaf

I recently took "The Gift in You" book test by a Christian Brain Scientist named Dr. Caroline Leaf. Her research shows that there are 7 areas of your brain in which you think to process information. She states that the way you process information is your gift from the Lord and it is what makes you uniquely you.  She remarked that in Proverbs 9:1 it talks about wisdom being built on seven pillars. She thinks this is totally exciting as the Scripture is once again giving insight to Brain Science!

As  a Brain Scientist she knows that the brain is stimulated to sequence and process a thought in seven areas of our brain. And, the way each of us sequence and process a thought isn't the same for each of us.  The area of the brain stimulated to handle each one of the seven steps is different for each of us.    She says that our brain has 7 main areas. And, these areas are the columns or pillars of the way we process information and think.  Does that sound familiar to Proverbs 9:1?

Many people say that your gift is your talent. Not necessarily accurate way of describing how God has made you!   Your talents come out of  your gift of thinking and how you process information and what experiences you have been given to cultivate that talent.  Your brain processes a thought through all 7 pillars but each of us processes the information totally different!  So, to say you are just Visual or just Kinethetic is not accurate.  Her test is not some Intelligence test that psychologist and sociologist try to push us all into a box to give us labels.  Her test is to explain what is the first dominant area you process information, and then she explains how you go through in order through the other areas of the way your brain processes information through the other columns and pillars to show you how you uniquely process information and how this can help reveal and cultivate the areas in which you could be talented in. This also helps to understand people (particularly children in a school setting) as they are learning new information and processing old information and making connections!  It gives insight on how and why that little child in the corner is tapping on the desk for a little bit when he or she is getting new information,  why the other little child  is moving around in his seat, while another child is humming through the timed math test, and why that little child is not looking at you the entire time (darting eyes to you and darting them away)  as he/she finds looking at you while he is processing information distracting.

Your way of thinking is your gift from God! No one thinks like you. 

One of the sections is Visual/ Spatial Intelligence.  Under this section she has 30  yes and no questions to answer.  One of the questions read this way.  "Do you love building blocks, origami objects, legos, models and bridges."  I smiled.  In any other season of my life, I probably would have said, "I don't mind them. But since I don't use them I would have said no."  I chuckled and said a loud "No!"  And, I giggled!  They are regularly all over my house!  So, the truth is I have a love/hate relationship with them.

The boys passion right now is legos!  And, the Children will spend oodles of hours playing with them on a table set up in our garage. They make the best creations.  I love seeing all the neat things that their imagination comes up with on any given day.   But, when the legos get transferred to the other areas of my house, I go nuts and the vacuum is threaten with a daily diet of them.

The other day they decided to make secret boxes.

Some how I missed photographing the Little Gentleman's box.  He loves legos the most. And, come to think about it, I don't think he even came in to show me his box. He rarely leaves his lego seat!

But, here is the Little Man's box castle.  If you slip your finger against a lego  at the top (which is located under the horse) it will  reveal a secret living compartment complete with table, chairs and cups!  A perfect resting spot for the Knight watch man! The bottom is all see through lego glass and it is the guard area that makes it look like they are really officially guarding.

The Little Lady does not play with legos often but was challenged by the boys to make a box. So, she took up the challenge.  This is the box.

You can lift the lid to find a little compartment of flowers and such. 
But, if  you remove the side handle on the box......

You can slide the upper compartment out  to find animals hidden at the bottom. 

I am pretty sure if I give them the test,the boys are high on the Visual/Spatial Intelligence and probably the Logic/Mathematical Intelligence.  They get this from their Dad!  As he is high in the Logical/Mathematical section.  I  am not surprised that I scored relatively low in these areas! Matter of fact, the Logical/Mathematical section was the very last area that my brain processes information.

The pillars are:  Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical Thinking, Kinesthetic Thinking and Musical Thinking, 

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  1. Interesting blog. Love the boxes. Very creative.


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