Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quilt Block 2014

"One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love." - quilt quote

The Children finished their 16x16 quilt block squares. This year the squares are not nearly as decorated. They are super simple. It appears that everyone is just pretty tired of projects as we did these on the heel of finishing up state fair projects.  But, at least I can count this years craft project skills completed and someone else judges it!

The Little Lady did a quilt block piece that she named, "Elephant Hole." 
She stuffed the elephant and stuffed the water. 
She hand sewed some details on the elephant but other wise she used the zig zag stitch to piece the fabrics together.  She only used the fabric that they gave her. 

The Little Man calls his "Submarine Explorer". 
He hand sewed his entire quilt block piece. 
In the picture, it is hard to see the embroidery floss that gives details to the submarine. 
He only used the fabric that was given to him from the challenge packet.  
He may add a fish our two to the quilt block but right now he is finished.

The Little Gentleman calls his "Castle".
He was the only one to add fabric to his quilt block. 
He used the three that they gave him plus he added the yellow. 
He used the zigzag stitch around his castle. 
The rest of the items he hand sewed.
He did not sew the flag down. 
He wants it to wave off the quilt piece.

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