Friday, October 24, 2014

Plant Division

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." - Plant Quote

I had a huge Christmas Cacti before we moved to Kentucky. It was absolutely beautiful. It took me several years to grow it extremely large and healthy.  I was determined to not give it away. So, we traveled with two cars from all the way from Ga to Kentucky during a move where that  cacti  had a front seat!  Unfortunately, when we arrived at Kentucky they turned around and sent Beloved to Alabama for several weeks.  We asked if the hotel would be able to watch it as we would be coming back to that very hotel but because they did not know what a Christmas Cacti was they said, "If it has the name Cacti in it we are saying no. People could get stick by it."  There was no amount of logic even when they saw that it didn't have any prickly branches!  So, we could not carry it to Alabama with us as we were only taking one car.  So, we had to leave it in the truck in the front seat for a week. We came back and as predicted it got super burnt! And, I could never get it to be happy with me again!  I wanted to enter it in the State Fair but it just did not happen.

 I really want to try my hand at it again with the option to put it in a State Fair.  So, I keep my eye out for some good ideas! Maybe I will just try my hand with a Christmas Cacti again. Who knows?  But, I gathered a few ideas while at the North Carolina State Fair this time around.

This dish plant was entered into the "Fairy" division!  We loved it too. It won the blue ribbon and the orange ribbon over all in all the potted plant division.  The wood is a semi-circle and you can look through the one side to the other side.  I did not see any hidden fairies it in like I did the others but I can only imagine it was probably more fit for Alice and Wonderland anyway.  That little mushroom at the opening looks like a perfectly good place for her to have sat down!

        Can you be envious of a plant grower?!   Get a load of those baby spider plants!
Won 1st place for hanging potted plants! Hello? The judges chose correctly! It is perfectly shaped.
The Garden grown in rock/wood division!  So pretty.  It is hard to tell as the two plants blend together. But, the one that won the 1st price is the one not in the pot that has wood but the one in front of it. It is a single piece of light tan wood.  And, it had several little plants growing out of it.  Super cute!  The grower said the trick is to find loose pack soil. Don't put a lot of mulch looking items in your containers or in your wood as it takes away from the beauty. It also packs down the soil.  And, those are the two things they look for in regards to this division.
 This was the winner of the Citrus division. 
It took first place and then over all as well! 
Look at those gorgeous blooms. The orange and green citrus. 
That gardener timed it all perfectly! 
 (The one below it took second.) 

 Up close!
 The glass terrariums!  Be still my heart as I am sure I would probably not do well with these at all. 
But, between the fairy plants and the glass terrariums this is what the little Lady wants to try her hand at doing!  I forgot to ask what they were looking for in this division.
The little one to the right won the blue ribbon. 
The jar on its side won the red.

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