Thursday, October 23, 2014

State Fair Ribbons

"Our state fair is the best state fair....." - State Fair Musical

It has been a super busy week with not a lot of down time at all. So, another thing on our schedule to do was the State Fair.  We dropped off our projects last week to be judged.  The judging took place last week while we were traveling for a business trip. So, we did not cruise into the fair to find out how the Children's projected did this until on Tuesday.

The Children were super pleased with their ribbon placing.  Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead when I got there, so we had to use our phones. That will result in not such great pictures.  But, it will at least give me the opportunity to have documentation for their school portfolio.

The Little Lady (age 10) did embroidery on a burlap.  She received 1st place in the 10-14 adolescent division. With not being in the children's division she has a lot more experienced competition so this was pretty awesome.
 The Little Lady's pillow came in third place.  (10-14 adolescent division) 
Last year, there were only just a handful of pillows. This year there was an entire case full of pillow!
 The Little Lady also received 2nd place for her leather purse. 
Again, the competition in the leather division was almost tripled this year. 
Her purse is right by the letter L in leathercraft. 

 The Little Lady did a beaded necklace and earrings. 
She received 5th place, the yellow ribbon.
The Little Lady wanted to enter in her crochet bear. I wanted her to enter her big crochet blanket. 
She could only enter one.  She was super pleased that her bear placed 5th.
The Little Miss (5 years old) was able to enter in her arrow ornament. 
She had stamped it and stained it. She won first place for the children's division.The cross next too it won second. I am thinking the only thing that separated the two is that they probably considered the ornament an object that has a more useful purpose since it was entered as an ornament. As the cross is just a leather cross with no labeled purpose.  She probably lucked out on it.

The Little Man (age 9) did a knife sheath. 
He received 1st place as well for age division.
The Little Man also entered his pillow. 
He received 4th place.
The only thing that the Little Gentleman entered was his chicken bone/glass necklace. 
He received 4th place.
For all the other projects they entered they received participate ribbons.
We are going to miss the North Carolina State Fair next year! 


  1. Wonderful! (my favorite is the burlap embroidery)

  2. These are amazing!!! Tell them I said great job!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow, you did have a busy time, and they did so well! I used to love our annual fall fair, but since we moved to Nova Scotia, there is nothing that can compare to it locally.


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