Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Golf Cart Parade at Disney

Disney's Campground called Fort Wilderness has a golf cart parade on Christmas Eve.  They also have a Camp site decorating contest.   This year, we decorated our golf cart and joined in the fun.
Our golf cart along with many others were simply decorated. We played Christmas Music out of it. And, we gave out candy to those on the side line.   But those who stay at the Park for Christmas every year and those who are members of Fort Friends get serious and go over the top in all the fun!

There were 20 or so golf carts. 

The Castle won first place this year.  It lights up all in blue as it was the frozen light castle.

                                                      Chip and Dale came in second.

                                                               The train came in third.
Olaf  - Frozen came in forth

Rapunzel came in for the best Disney Theme.

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