Sunday, December 7, 2014


"The world is to big to stay in one place...." Moving Quote

We packed up our house this week.  The past two weeks we have been prepping the house for the move. Then, last week, the packers came storming in. Friday, they rolled in the Semi Truck and loaded up all of our house hold goods. We basically filled up the truck.  The truck is headed out this Tuesday for a long journey across the U.S.  It is just a little bit shy from being a coast to coast move on either side of the country.  

So, We are officially homeless I guess --- Living place to place in the camper.  This will be a 2 month camping trip for us.   Beloved has one more week of work -- the famous airborne toy drop.  Then, we will head out for an adventure -- Christmas in Florida and our move across the U.S. 


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