Sunday, December 14, 2014

Music with Ms. Crystal

"Music is the medicine of the mind." -  Logan

The Children had their last piano practice with Ms. Crystal a week and half ago. After, our piano was packed up there was not much piano practicing for the Christmas Piano Recital.   But, not to fear the Children did fantastic. It probably had to do with the fact that Ms. Crystal had a piano competition just before the recital. 

This Little Gentleman completed a full year of piano with Ms. Crystal.
He played Jingle Bells and Go Tell It On The Mountain.

The Little Man came in 3nd for the practicing competition this year!
He was super excited. He told Ms. Crystal that he was going to bring home a trophy the last recital. He followed through with his declaration.
He played a Minute (Beethoven Fabor Arrangement) and Up On The House Top.
The Little Lady came in 2nd place for the practicing competition this year.
She played Feliz Navidad, What Child Is This  and  Mr. Grinch.

 Momma should have gotten an award too. 
After totaling up all the practice hours for the competition, between the 3 of them, I listened to over 60 hours of Christmas Music during the month of October and November due to them practicing hard to win a trophy for the practicing competition.
 Ms. Crystal is the best! We are going to miss her so much. We wish we could pack her up with us. 
 It has taken her 7 years to build up her studio. But, now she has 45 children that she teachers and she drives to each one of their homes! This lady is amazing.  She is going to be super hard to replace!
  After the recital it was time for finger foods and hanging out with all our friends. 
Ms. Crystal makes it totally special for the children. 
Each student receives a Christmas present and the tables are decorated so festive.
The Children had a fabulous time.
 Lord, We know there is no replacing Ms. Crystal but we sure know you can provide the perfect person for  the children to take piano lessons from while we are on the other side of the U.S.
We ask for favor in this area and ask that you continue to bless Ms. Crystal and her business.

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