Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cooking in the camper

"A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoon full of laughter, and a heap of love." - Kitchen Quote

We have been in the camper six weeks tomorrow!  We are in San Antonio right now. It is a balmy 35 degrees but we are staying cozy in the camper.  The little space heater is warming up the small room.  My water distiller sits in the bath tub distilling water and warming up the bathroom. 

With 7 people in the camper, most are curious on how we eat for weeks and weeks in a camper. So, I thought I would just take a few snap shots of how we store food, where we eat, and what the day to day cooking looks like when we are not eating out at some of our favorite restaurants across the United States.

 Pancake time! Beloved has an inside griddle that he cooks pancakes and eggs on.

Our freezer is small but I can stuff some small freezer veggies bags in there for quick veggie meals.
The refrigerator is no bigger than a good size college dormitory fridge. Small!  However, half gallon milks, orange juice and tea can fit on the side.  The  small containers of mustard, mayo and BBQ sauces can fit in the small side rows.  I have an egg basket because egg cartons do not fit in the refrigerator.  We have to small trays they fit about two packages of shredded cheese in one drawer.  The other drawer has an onion and sandwich type meat.  Any meat has to be used up fairly quickly.

I have to go shopping every three days for our size family.
Here is a picture that actually shows the size of both the freezer and the refrigerator a little bit better. 
I do have a microwave. Right now it stores our bread out of the way.  I have a three burner propane stove.  Beloved bought me a rice cooker. It has come in super handy.  The little white crock pot is super small. It basically is used for small side veggies.  I do have an oven but it does not fit anything larger than a 8x8. Occasionally, I can slide a 9x11 pan in there but it touches the sides and it is not even a 1/2 inch from the top of the burner.  So, if anything bakes in there, often times the bottom is burnt and the top isn't or the top gets burnt and the bottom is not cooked.  It is easier just to cook stuff on the open fire most of the time if we want lasagna.
I do have a large crock pot. 
Inside is simmering a pot of chili for dinner. 
As you can see the crock pot takes up the little bit of counter space that is available. 

Eating Chili

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