Sunday, January 11, 2015

Schooling in the camper

"Each student can learn just not in the same way." - Evans

There have been a few days that have just been to cold to go outside and we did not have any inside educational trip schedule for the day.  Yesterday, (Saturday) was one of them.  Now, we don't do school on Saturday but with it being windy, colder temp and the possibility of closed roads, it gave us something to do.

The boys are studying Astronomy. They are doing well. They have little notebooks that have them color a picture, dictate facts from the book they are reading and doing scripture copy work.  Of course, all the scripture from the Bible relates to Astronomy.   They watched a couple of clips on the Mars Rover too this week.  They really liked Chris Hadfield's space experiment videos  that he recorded for youtube while he was on the space station.  We just finished all of them already.

The Little Lady is studying Swimming Creatures. She is doing really well in this subject. She memorizes factually information super easily.  I guess it is a super fun and an interesting subject to some one who loves to study zoology.  In her text book, there are a few experiments that we have not been able to do since we are in the camper but she plans on getting them up and started as soon as we get settled in the house.  (Well, she probably thinks that means as soon as we get the key to the house as she has been waiting for weeks to do them.)  In the picture below, they are watching a video about shark biology and a video on how they clean the Georgia Aquariums for the whale sharks.

They also did several lessons in Math too.  Again this was just to fill up time on this cold day! 

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