Friday, January 23, 2015

I am PLANE worn out!

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot." - Pilot Quote

We visited Pima Air and Space Museum (800 airplanes/helicopters) along with the Davis Monthan Air Force Base Bone Yard! (4000 airplanes/helicopters) which means we are exhausted in Tuscon, Arizona!!! Totally PLANE worn out! 

The Pima Air and Space Museum has several different hangers dedicated to several different eras of aviation and space!  It was the perfect museum for a pilot.  I was exhausted and totally pilot and space overloaded! 

Beloved showing the kiddos how the tug pulls airplanes.  This is the plane that was in Top Gun.  It is called a F14 (Tom Cat).
Planes like the movie planes.
Beloved is showing how they put the sonar bouyies in the helicopter. The sonar buoy is ejected out and lands in the water and looks for for submarines. 
 Hanging out near the missile.
They have acres and acres of airplanes.   You can taking a walking tour or a trolley tour.

 The back of the Guppy. 
(My personal favorite because it really does remind me of a guppy fish.)
 The front of the Guppy! 
The Guppy carries very large items.
A small section of the helicopters. 
Beloved believes he flew that Huey tail number #95 back in flight school.
He will check is paper work just to confirm it. 
 Interesting paint jobs!

They boys are doing Astronomy for school so the Space Air Museum was a necessity for some road schooling!
 And, they talked me into buying space food!  
Frozen Ice Cream!

In the WW2 museum they showed the deck of cards for soldiers that taught them how to recognize ariplanes (so they would only shoot down the enemies and not the friendly). Soldiers would pass time away by playing cards. 

 Flight jackets from WW2 
Each flight jacket is different! 
Love all the paint designs that they would do.
 The Museum is so large that they actually have a huge airplane cafeteria. 
The food is very good. 
They play WW2 era music. 
As you can see our view was of a Blue Angel Plane.
 The Military has a bone yard where they store all the planes that are not in service or have not been used for scrap metal.  The C-27s are being taken out of the bone yard and the Special Ops community is getting some of them and so is the Coast Guard.
 Hundreds of acres of planes!
So hard to even comprehend how many there are out there! 
We took a bus tour through the Bone Yard.  
I just took a few photo shots. 
But, if you want to see an air view of the Bone yard -- just goggle "Air Force Bone yard, Arizona"

 And of the 50 pictures I took this will have to be it for today.
                         I am guessing I have over loaded the system for downloading already.
Until next time anyway, as we plan on coming back to see the commercial airline bone yard out here one day too. 

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