Monday, February 16, 2015

Hiking the Cross Trail

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few are dirt." - Hiking Quotes

We are going on our first hike through the desert!  It just so happens we don't have very far to go!  Our house is on the edge of the housing area and to the left of our house is wide open desert! There are trails that go in different directions all over the military instillation.  Plus, there are areas that have gates around them with big signs that say "explosive" areas so stay out! The kiddos have lots of questions about their new home! But, so far everyone likes it here!

Today, we took the trail that leads up behind our house to the cross on the hill. The chapel uses the cross at Easter, etc.

Hiking in style is important as you can see!    Sun dress for this 85 degree weather (yes, I am well aware that everyone else is getting dumped on by snow!)  A back pack with water and snacks.  Sunglasses and a J.Jill straw hat!  But, when I am complaining about 120 they won't be!

 Trying to get use to all the rock and sand!

Beloved has showed us several times how flat the desert looks but when you are up close it reveals its secrets!  It can be very deceiving out here.  It looks like the ground is flat but when you get up close it has a lot of dips, gullies and hills. So something that might appear  a mile away could actually be 5 miles. 
You can see what he is talking about here.   See how the ground is even on both sides at the top of the picture  to the left and right but in the middle is a gully! This is not a small dip either!

 I wish the camera could give the depth perception that there really is! 
This is a fairly good hike up! 
 See the ridge line?  This is a closer shot.  Still does not do it justice. 
We made it! 
But, we were not quiet about it. 
I was the last one up and had to point out that they were all being so loud that they were scaring the mountain goats away.  And, sure enough, they finally saw the mountain goats climbing the next ridge line away from us! 


Our little home. 
There are 105 homes on the little place. 
I will give you a little tour another day though. 


  1. So happy you're settling in well!! XOXO

  2. It is beautiful! I'm sure you all will enjoy living there. I love the first picture of your little one. That is so Katie. She always dresses for the part. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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