Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Little Lady's Room

"Collect things that you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story." - Erin Flett

The Children are all getting their rooms made over this move! We have never decorated their rooms to their specific personality. They have always just used the bedspreads that I have had even before they were born. (Not a Child's bedspread, quilts that I have had for years!) The actual furniture is very old too. Beloved had it before we were even married. (We have been married for almost 18 years!) This move though we saved up money to buy a new bedspread for each of them. And, Beloved painted a few wooden items to match their rooms to give it a little personality. (Ex. The horse shelf I bought at a garage sale years ago for 3dollars.) 

This is the Little Lady' room.

Since, then the Little Lady  added a BETTA fish to her 10 Gallon Fish tank. Of Course, the Betta has the entire tank to himself since you can't put any other fish in the tank. Super Spoiled Betta! He is very happy! Having only one fish in a 10 gallon makes  for a very low maintenance tank which is perfect!  Her Betta is named Torpedo.  She is teaching him habit tricks.  She is having him learn how to jump to her finger which is out of the water a little to get  pellets of food. He is also learning to follow her finger to where she wants him to go into the tank.


  1. How exciting for your daughter. I love the top quote. :)

  2. How wonderful!! I'm sure it makes her feel more grown up...... which she is becoming with lightening speed!!
    Love you all!!

  3. Love the decor! Train a Betta? Now that's a new one to me. But, if anyone can train a Betta, she can.

  4. Her room is so cute! Grace also has a betta fish in a 10 gal tank. She named it Buffy.


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