Monday, March 30, 2015

Boys Soccer with Upwards 2015

"Life is like Soccer. You need goals." - Soccer Quote

The boys have been put in UPWARD Soccer this season.  They are on the same team with the same coach. They are having a blast. The practices are late in the evening around 5:30 and this Saturday's game was early too. It started at 7:30.  You would think that would be perfect times as it would be cool!  Nope! The temperatures are hot already here in the dessert.   It hit triple digits on Saturday!  100!! We have been sporting 90 degree temperatures for a month now already. With just 3 months out of the year where temperatures are not over the 80s, early mornings closing in on the low 90s before 9am in the spring, and the summer mid-nights cooling off to 100, finding things to keep us active is going to be what we will have to do here.  We will be using our treadmill a lot too, I am guessing!

UPWARDs is located at one of the local churches in the area. It is a Christian Sport Organization.  They do devotions before each practice and during half time and after the game too! The children earn stickers for learning their memory verses each week.

They won their first game 4 to 3. The little Gentleman made a goal.  The Little Man played great defense and dribbled the ball well, passed to his team mate who made 3 goals.


  1. Sounds like they are great team players!! Would love to see them play even if it is hot.

  2. What fun! It surely will take some adjustments to learn to work with the weather there!!


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