Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Little Lady makes Pillow Case Dresses

A lady in our nearest city teaches sewing classes for young and old. So we decided to check them out!

Several months before we moved here and became aware of the sewing classes,  the Little Lady saw a video from "Little Dresses for Africa" and thought it would be a great project for her to do. I have known about this ministry for many many years so I was familiar with the video.   So, we checked into this Lady's sewing classes to see if she can help her on learning how to sew these dresses.

And wouldn't you know it!  I am a huge believer that nothing happens by chance!  The teacher makes over 1000 pillow case dresses each year for the "Little Dresses for Africa" organization.  And, she makes over 500 shorts for the boys too! We were totally excited! When the Little Lady becomes better at making them, than she will be doing this project next school year as a ministry project.  

The Little Lady has taken 2 pillow case dress classes. The first class she made a pink pillow case for her 5 year old sister.  The next class she made a blue/brown pillow case for her 3 year old sister.

A few weeks ago she made this one for her 5 year old sister. 



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  2. WONDERFUL!! SO impressed with the great things you're doing with your family!!


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