Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Lady's bargain dress.

Where we are living (on the border of Mexico) but way out in the desert area of the U.S. where there are very little people.  Unless we head into town, there is no stores out here!   However, if we drive 45 minutes we can be in one of the best goodwills  on the border!

Once a month our Goodwill totally stocks up for their Saturday's sale where  the entire store is 50 % off.  (Truly, the workers spend hours the week before putting everything out!) It is a totally crazy shopping day!  People come from all over, including people from Mexico.  We took a little bit of time and braved the aisles and came home with this little pink dress from Coldwater Creek.  I think we paid $2.50.   She think is is super cute and comfy!


  1. I always like to see redheads wearing bright pink! A great deal.

  2. Awesome deal and she looks lovely in it. :-) Have a wonderful week!


  3. Love that dress!! Love that young woman too!! She's so beautiful!!


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