Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hanging out with the Ladies

"Make new friends and keep the old. Some are silver and the other are gold."

In the location that we are living, Beloved is a commander so I am in charge of doing Family Readiness Group (FRG) meetings. FRG meetings are for the spouses of active duty military. It is a meeting where the wives get together once a month  and support each other, do activities together, etc.. Each FRG group has a different style of their own depending on the backgrounds of the ladies and the commander's wife who typically plans the meetings.

The commander's wives are typically in charge of them.  So, since I am in charge of an FRG here for our little group of ladies, I get to decided the atmospher of the events! Our unit is brand new. So, I scheduled our first meeting at a craft store where a teacher taught us how to make a necklace. It was our first meeting so of course none of the ladies knew each other! Every single one of us just moved to this new state! So, I wanted to keep the awkwardness down and keep our hands busy!  Something light....


  1. I'm sure that with you leading the group they will have fun, get to know one another and be productive as well!! You're amazing!


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