Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Little Man turns 10.

"Happy Birthday big boy!"

The Little man turned 10 a few weeks back and he went on his 10 year old birthday trip.  Daddy and I give the children a 10 year old birthday trip where they get to go some where special with just Daddy.  The other children and I stay here at home and get text messages and pictures as the 10 year old child's adventure unfolds.

The Little Man's adventure starts with a long car ride!  He spent several nights at the Lego Hotel.  The Lego Hotel Rooms are decorated in theme. They stayed in the Knight room all decorated in Knights and Legos.  Each room has a Lego box for the children to play with during their stay.   And, in the Knight room, there is a treasure box that is locked with a combination. There are clues to help discover the combination. In order to get each number you had to follow the clue around and gather the numbers as you walk around the hotel.

Of course, they did Lego Land.

And, then for another adventure activity.  Dad took the Little Man kayaking in the Ocean bay in caves! They saw lots of seals. They didn't get many pictures. They were busy making memories and trying not to get wet.

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