Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hosting a Chili-Cook Off

"Spicy Hot" should not be a flavor! -

I hosted a Chili Cook-off this past month for the guys that Beloved's works with down at the Hanger.  The prizes were trophies, bowls and hand towels.  Several Ladies and some Guys entered the contest,  The crock-pots of Chili feed about 50 people with plenty of left overs for the next day!

We brought in from outside of the unit some judges! (The Commanders so to speak of other Units) I made sure that one was a Military Chaplin.  No Rigging in this Cook-off!

Unfortunately, Beloved was embarrassed that I won! (giggle)  And, so was I! I won 1st place in "Judges' Choice."  Do you know how pathetic it is to win your own prize! So, I gave my prize to the second winner. She made a White Bean Chili. It was delicious.   Brandon, one of the soldiers won 1st place in People's Choice. Brandon always wins! Even way back in our old Unit in Savannah, he would sweep the board every competition! After winning several times, they made him be the Judge back in Savannah! My opinion on this, "All is fair game! Everyone else needs to work on their recipes." 

I think I will host a Bake-Off in a few months! Several Ladies think they have a chance to win in that contest.  Brandon's mom is a pastry chef! So, it should be another contest where a "Chaplin" needs to be involved too! 


  1. What a fun event!! I'm sure your chili was wonderful!! In fact, I think you should come make some for us!! LOL
    Love you!!

  2. I wondered who the judges were. I thought maybe you got the RV camp host. A Chaplin was a great choice. Congratulations!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun ! :-)


  4. Fun!
    I haven't checked in for too long!
    Are you living out west now?


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