Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When you find the water in the desert...

When the weather is over 100 degrees 6 months out of the year....

And, 120 is the temps in the Summer....

Our Summer was filled with swimming!  

We were at the pool at 7am because by 9 it was a oven furnace.

Well, the temps don't get much lower than 70....
So, I should just go and admit that they actually swim year around.

Trying to beat the Heat!


  1. So, you're still in that hot place, Carmen! You are surviving it. :)

    1. Yes. We are still in the Sonoran Desert. Hot! Hot! Hot! But, it is finally getting down into the high 80s.

  2. Awe sweet pictures! looks like everything is going well! Stay cool!!


    1. Hi Jill. I am trying to get back up at blogging! Took a break and then felt like I missed my little quiet space on the web. So, I am back!


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