Monday, October 3, 2016

Cash for House

In 3 years my Beloved will be reaching mandatory retirement from the military. He can not go past 33 years in the military.  So, in 3 years our military journey will be coming to an end.  We have no idea what he will do after retirement - obviously he will still fly. But, we have no idea where we will live or work. It is a mystery.  

These type of Mysteries are exciting if you are prepared for the transition. We want the transition to be as easy as possible.

So, we are in the process of preparing for transition financially. 
Tightening up the budget.  Save. Save. Save.

Except for our first year of marriage, we have always lived on a budget.  Our First Budget was all set up due to me listening to a financial guy on the radio called Larry Burkett.  I drove Beloved crazy by telling him all about the "call in" people and their ridiculous finance questions.  One day, I found out that Beloved had been tuning into the station too - wondering what in the world was I listening too!

Months later, Beloved turned my habit of listening for entertainment into action.

I was put on a budget!!!! 

Beloved set me up with an Individual Retirement Account. I was 24.

We have always saved for Retirement.

We lived happily on a budget - getting out of debt.

Being debt free.

Saving and buying cars for cash.

We have had three houses in our marriage. We sold them. The last 10 years we have lived in military housing.  We bought land and paid it off - we still have this land in TN.

Eventually, our saving goals moved toward saving for a 6 month Emergency fund. (Completed years ago.  I loved coloring in the lines as we went along!)

And, then onto saving for college x 5 children which is still an on going journey. If they don't go to college, they will have a nice down payment or a house, I guess.

Now, the desire is to save for our retirement house. And, to pay cash!  (Or at least get a super awesome large down payment for it!)

And, so, the journey begins...

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