Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas 2016 Decore

We finally got a "Silent Night".  Concerts and Recitals had us on the move.  So, I was taking a little time enjoy the tree.

Every Military housing that we live in is so different and sometimes some are easier to decorate than others, I suppose....

And, this was just before I busted up his peace and quiet and took over the back porch to watch a Hallmark Movie!
The Kitchen and Living Room is decorated too. I should take a picture of the twinkle lights in there too.  I  enjoy twinkle lights!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A busy week.

This week, we have had several singing and piano concerts!  

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fall Evening on the Backporch

My Niece came for a visit.
Coloring.  Narnia. 

Beach Trip 2016

The Coronado North Island on the Navy Base is one of our favorite places to visit.
The children enjoy the Ocean.  We all enjoy the Navy Ships and Helicopters. They were active during our visit.  Plus, we got to see the Navy Seals hanging out on the beach for some exercise.  This was particularly nice since we had just finished the book about a Navy Seal who became a Pastor.  The book called,  "Seal of God".

Too much to see....

My Niece, Abbey, has never been out west so we showed her around San Diego, California. It gave us some time away from the desert as well.

Tour, Shopping, Eating... and more eating on the beach by the fire pit.

To much to see and not enough time!

Jeep Ride and Hiking

A Jeep Ride up into the Sadona, Arizona Mountains. 

Hiking the Grand Canyon 2016

 "He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted." Job 5:9

 We took my Niece to the Grand Canyon.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Still Swimming.

Day after Thanksgiving.... We are still wearing flip flops, bathing suits and sunscreen.
The rest of the country is dealing with Snow.

Science in the Afternoon

It is a squid being dissected. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dakota is 16.

Thanksgiving Holidays....
Apparently, he thinks that the quietest spot in the house wins out over being comfortable.

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was simple this year.

Foreign Language class

The Little Lady is taking a Foreign Language class online. The class introduces her to 5 languages - French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Arabic.   It is a class that is suppose to introduce you to the language, food, and geography.   The objective is to help her figure out what she might want to study more in depth.

I keep finding her translation homework assignments on my computer.
I think her illustrations are good. 

So, what has she decided after an entire semester?
She has decided to learn Japaneses!
Yes! Not a language that she has spent any time on in this class!


Iceman at Work.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rolling Sandstorm

We live on a super small military instillation out in the middle of the desert. 
Desert Sandstorms are common here. 
It is amazing when they roll in. 
You can feel the wind whip up way before it gets here. 
In just about 30 minutes the entire place will have very little visibility. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

19th Wedding Anniversary

Dinner was at a hole in the wall restaurant. The building is old and run down looking. It is located on the lower side of town near the border. Small. The outside had tables and twinkle lights!  Yet, the food was "Fine Dining". It is the best the desert has to offer! I had Halibut. He had Salmon.  We stuffed ourselves. Delicious. I am looking forward to our next Anniversary!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Cash for House

In 3 years my Beloved will be reaching mandatory retirement from the military. He can not go past 33 years in the military.  So, in 3 years our military journey will be coming to an end.  We have no idea what he will do after retirement - obviously he will still fly. But, we have no idea where we will live or work. It is a mystery.  

These type of Mysteries are exciting if you are prepared for the transition. We want the transition to be as easy as possible.

So, we are in the process of preparing for transition financially. 
Tightening up the budget.  Save. Save. Save.

Except for our first year of marriage, we have always lived on a budget.  Our First Budget was all set up due to me listening to a financial guy on the radio called Larry Burkett.  I drove Beloved crazy by telling him all about the "call in" people and their ridiculous finance questions.  One day, I found out that Beloved had been tuning into the station too - wondering what in the world was I listening too!

Months later, Beloved turned my habit of listening for entertainment into action.

I was put on a budget!!!! 

Beloved set me up with an Individual Retirement Account. I was 24.

We have always saved for Retirement.

We lived happily on a budget - getting out of debt.

Being debt free.

Saving and buying cars for cash.

We have had three houses in our marriage. We sold them. The last 10 years we have lived in military housing.  We bought land and paid it off - we still have this land in TN.

Eventually, our saving goals moved toward saving for a 6 month Emergency fund. (Completed years ago.  I loved coloring in the lines as we went along!)

And, then onto saving for college x 5 children which is still an on going journey. If they don't go to college, they will have a nice down payment or a house, I guess.

Now, the desire is to save for our retirement house. And, to pay cash!  (Or at least get a super awesome large down payment for it!)

And, so, the journey begins...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When you find the water in the desert...

When the weather is over 100 degrees 6 months out of the year....

And, 120 is the temps in the Summer....

Our Summer was filled with swimming!  

We were at the pool at 7am because by 9 it was a oven furnace.

Well, the temps don't get much lower than 70....
So, I should just go and admit that they actually swim year around.

Trying to beat the Heat!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hosting a Chili-Cook Off

"Spicy Hot" should not be a flavor! -

I hosted a Chili Cook-off this past month for the guys that Beloved's works with down at the Hanger.  The prizes were trophies, bowls and hand towels.  Several Ladies and some Guys entered the contest,  The crock-pots of Chili feed about 50 people with plenty of left overs for the next day!

We brought in from outside of the unit some judges! (The Commanders so to speak of other Units) I made sure that one was a Military Chaplin.  No Rigging in this Cook-off!

Unfortunately, Beloved was embarrassed that I won! (giggle)  And, so was I! I won 1st place in "Judges' Choice."  Do you know how pathetic it is to win your own prize! So, I gave my prize to the second winner. She made a White Bean Chili. It was delicious.   Brandon, one of the soldiers won 1st place in People's Choice. Brandon always wins! Even way back in our old Unit in Savannah, he would sweep the board every competition! After winning several times, they made him be the Judge back in Savannah! My opinion on this, "All is fair game! Everyone else needs to work on their recipes." 

I think I will host a Bake-Off in a few months! Several Ladies think they have a chance to win in that contest.  Brandon's mom is a pastry chef! So, it should be another contest where a "Chaplin" needs to be involved too! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Getting Started on the Temperature Crochet Project

Temperature Crochet Project.

The Little Lady's Squares: January 1-16. (Purple is 60s) (Multi-color is 50s) (Pink is 70s)

Carmen: Jan 1st -17th. (50s multi color, 60s black, 70s brown)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Temperature Crochet Afghan 2016

"Crocheting keeps me from unraveling" - Crochet Quote

The Little Lady and I are doing temperature afghans this year!
We are going to do the High Temperatures for our area each day. 
We live in a very "hot" area of the U.S.  So, unlike most people we don't get to start our afghan colors in the low 30s. Our afghan tempertures are lucky to get in the low 50s.  Our summers, however, get in the 120s!

The Little Lady picked out her colors for her Afghan. She will crochet either a line or a granny square for each day in the corresponding temperature color! She is still deciding on which one she will like to do. I think she is leaning toward doing a granny square each day. 
50s- Muliple Color
60s - Purple Neon
70s - Fushsia Neon
80s - Pink Neon
90s - Orange Neon
100s - Yellow Neon
120s - Blue Neon
Crochet Hook 5.00mm

I am not so fond of the brighter color!  So, mine is more earth tone.
50s - Natural Stripe
60s - Black
70s - Coffee)
80s - Terra Cotta
90s Autmn Stripe
100 - Dark Olive
110 - Green Camo Stripe
120s - Brown
Crochet Hook 550 mm

This is our High Temps for January so far...