Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Memorial Day Balloons

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." - John F. Kennedy

Memorial Day began by me sneaking a picture of Beloved being reflective after a morning run with the boys.

Then, we were off to do our Memorial Day Tradition. 

What began as a small Memorial Day lesson on sacrifice for the Little Ones to let go of their precious balloons, still continues and has become a tradition in remembering and honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their life for our freedom.

Although we have always honored our fallen soldiers and the "gold star" families on Memorial Day, we didn't begin this particular tradition until 2005 when 16 dear friends quickly traded places with Beloved crew's and then headed out to do a rescue mission in Afghanistan. The crew died trying to rescue 4 friends that were up in a Mountain in a fire fight. 3 out of the 4 on the Mountain died as well. While they continued to search for the "survivor" for days, Beloved had the honor of escorting all the bodies of our friends home to US soil. On US soil, he was relieved of his escort duty as they took our friends off the plane for the honoring ramp ceremony. I remember Beloved saying to me, "I never left them the entire 23+ hours not even when the plane stopped to refill for gas for 5 hours."  

We will never forget them!

We released the balloons with our usual note explaining our tradition, sharing our favorite scripture, and including the destination where we released the balloons. We also asked that who ever finds the balloons to email us so we can find out how far they flew.

The Little Miss was very excited about releasing a balloon.

When it was out of sight, I asked, "Where did it go?" 

She cracks us up with her little hands in the "I don't know position."  

Afterwards, we looked around at the quiet little Memorial Monument.

And, we admired the flower wreath that stood close by the Memorial Wall.


  1. Thanks to our hero son-in-law. We are so very proud of all of you. As I have always said..."wives serve too, just in a different capacity..."
    That picture of Little Miss is precious. I would say fit for framing.
    I noticed how tall everyone is getting...growing up too fast.

  2. We are so grateful for those heros. We went to our first Memorial Day event today. It was certainly a privilege to attend.
    We will be looking for the balloons here in Washington state!

  3. Carmen thanks so much for your wonderful tradition and sharing it with us! We love you and your family!! We're proud to be a part of your family!! XOXO

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving your comment so that I can find my way there!

    I really like how you capture the precious moments of your family life. Thanks for sharing them. It's lovely to see children growing up in a loving home.

  5. I'd not heard about Memorial day until recently. That story was very moving about the crew that replaced your husband's crew, what sacrifice! It moved me to tears.
    cute picture of your little girl too:)

  6. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. So many heros we know nothing about. I'm so glad we serve the God who knows all about them. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  7. Very cool. Hope all are found and reported.

  8. Balloon #4 was found at 1:30 the day we released it. The farmer was planting beans and felt that the balloon must have traveled extremely fasted. It was found about 3 hours away in Orensboro, Kentucky.

  9. Balloons #1 and #2 were found in Albion, Indiana - in the northeast corner of Indiana. The email said they were located 493 miles from where we released the balloons. (approx 20 miles outside of Fort Wayne)

    Just like the last email, they said, "How very proud I am that there are families that still teach these values to their children."

  10. Touching post, I have not thought about releasing balloons in memory of the troops. I think I will plan this for July 4th. Thanks for the wonderful idea.


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