Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Cumberland Greenway

Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~J. E. Starrs

We cycled a new Greenway on the last day of 70 degree temps. The Greenway had lots of shade with wind blowing off the lake. It was very pleasant and it will be great to cycle this path again since the weather has swiftly turned to 90 and hot!

A surprised awaited us. This  path opens up from a canopy of trees to a trestle bridge and then on to small bridges that cross little creeks.

It has many picnic tables and swings to enjoy the view along the way. A perfect place for those who need to rest and have a snack.

Being that we are doing Botany right now, The Little Lady and I took note of all the plants that the "Natives" carefully labeled for us to enjoy. We were very interested in staying away from this one though!

I think we will have to visit this park when everything is in bloom.


  1. Nice picture I like biking .. we have so many black flies now haven't been out to ride just working the gardens.. cause I have too.. God Bless

  2. Looks gorgeous! It is still raining here....and feels like autumn....not complaining particularly...I do like the cooler weather better than the heat....but the sunshine sounds lovely!

  3. Oh to live out West, Keri! I grew up in Alaska so I would love to get anywhere out near the North West area. Beloved loves it out there and it is his hearts desire to go West! We have requested Washington State this past year and they have told us that we have to do one job (which requires us to move for a step up position for Beloved -- east of us) and then they will gladly let Beloved go out there to our quiet little sister unit! Wahoo! Unfortunatly that means a move to some where else for 2 years first. We move east this coming up Spring. It seems like it will take us forever to get to cooler weather.

    Brenda, I look forward to seeing your gardening pictures.

  4. Loved all the pics but especially Little Miss. Her expression is priceless. Glad you had a nice ride.


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