Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Discovering Riverboats

Riverboat Discover Center is an opprotuinty of river discovery! - Riverboat Heritage Museum

Hanging out at a Riverboat Discover center (formally known as the Riverboat Heritage Museum) in Paducah, Kentucky was a lot of fun to visit!The museum is known for  showcasing many tugboats and riverboat memorabilia from along the  the Missouri River. 

The Museum is very receptive to many Teachers  and offers a range of activities to help you correlate your unit studies either by studying the Missouri River or by studying Kentucky History. They also provide extensive curriculum to guide and assist in tailoring homeschooler units to met many of your goals and objectivres for your student! 

This is a model steamboat that actually took the man 8 years to built. The boat really runs and it is fantastic to see all the little details. The steamboat was the forerunner to the industrial revolution that changed America.

The Children learning about river barges.

They were able to play with a model flat boat which used to be popular along the rivers.
There is also a movie that tells the History of this little boat along with many quotes from famous literature about flat boats such Huckleberry Fin.

The Little Ones actually hanging out in a boat simulator!
This was a highlight of their museum experience.

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  1. Looks like everybody is having fun... Have a great night..


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