Monday, September 5, 2011

A Little Denim Dress

"Rather to go to bed supperless than rise in debt"
- Benjamin Franklin

Early one morning we woke up and headed out to the Thrift Store first thing!  We found some really cute things that day.  (I already showed you the red dress for the Little Lady) One was a little denim dress with its tags still on it. The dress was around $3.49 but since they had discount day I got it for less than $2.00. I debated about the dress because it was a size 3 and the Little Miss isn't supposed to be in that size until next year! I talked myself into getting it though since it was a denim dress and my size 3 girl container only has a couple of dresses in it.  (huh!! hum!!) So, as usual I got home threw everything in the wash and then put the little dress on my dresser to be put in a small stash of other size 3 clothes for later.

The next morning was a little crazy with Beloved coming home. We had to pick him up at the airport at 2 in the morning.  Everyone was very tired from being up so late, so Beloved helped get the Little Miss dress the next morning. He saw the dress on the dresser and he put it on her.

Yes, it is obvious that we hadn't had time to do a  home-front debrief after he had come home from War because Beloved didn't know that the dress isn't suppose to fit her yet!  She came up to me with her little pink jewelry and this little dress and my heart was in topsy - turvy all day! My heart didn't know if it should sink because she is growing up to fast, (she turns 2 years old this week) or soar because she looks perfectly delicious in this size 3 dress! 

The dress has all these sweet little details all over it!


  1. Beautiful little dress! Beautifuller :) little girl!
    Glad your Beloved is home!
    That growing up thing....such a sweet and ...well, melancholy thing! (And I don't really mean melancholy in a bad way - I kind of love it - glad to have such lovely "memories in the making" kind of view to enjoy!)
    Since my oldest daughter turned 18, every time we have a holiday I realize..."this may be the last time this holiday is just "our family" as it exists right now...makes me enjoy it in a different light. Sorry to be so verbose! You caught me in a reflective mood! Enjoy those sweet blessings! Every minute!

  2. Such a beautiful dress. Of course, the darling little one makes it beautiful. I am glad you hubby is home safe and sound. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. She looks like a little dolly. When my daughter was that age I dressed her in denim dresses too, I love them, they never go out of style!

  4. Just back from the 2nd hand store in my town. I found a new little denim dress for the twins! Made me think of you and smile! (Maybe I'll get a picture posted soon!)

  5. Please do! I would enjoy seeing it, Keri! I like seeing everyone's thrifty finds!

  6. How beautiful! I also wanted to say that your profile pic is so beautiful with your beloved...your hair is so lovely!

    Your little girl is is the dress.

    I'm with the PP Keri On, with it being a bittersweet thing, these wee ones growing up..our oldest is about ready to drive..sigh..he's a wonderful young man, so I'm so blessed to be enjoying another piece of life's seasons..yet, I can still remember how his sweet newborn hair smelled! I'm going to bawl, LOL!

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. How did I miss this posting....She is so huggable cute. Size 3??!!!! Oh my.....time for another one.

  8. I love shopping the thrift stores for clothes. I actually find more quality items that way even if it takes some scrounging around. Oh and don't blink because before you know it she'll be in a 4! (Which my son is and it was just yesterday he was a 2T... sniff.)


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