Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our School Curriculum

“To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.” ~T. Edwards

Curriculum highlighted in brown has links to it.  

Kindergarden age 5
* Vertas K Phonics Museum
* Learning to read in 100 lessons
* Getty and Dubay Italic Writing Book A and Book B

1st Grade age 6
*  Veritas 1 grade Phonics Museum
*  Getty Dubay Italic Writing Book C
*  Saxon Math 1
*  Shirley English 1
Spell, Write to Read (Section A-I)  (Section J- L)
*  Story of the World Volume 1 (Early nomads up to the the end of Egypt: chapter 1 -chapter 18)
The Story of the Ancient World of History  (This is a very Bible Based curriculum in regards to History)
*  Astronomy Apologia Science

2nd Grade age 7
*  Getty Dubay Italic Writing Book D
*  Saxon Math 2
*  Shirley English 2
*  Spell, Write to Read (Section J-O)
The Story of the World History Volume 1 continued  (Greeks and Romans; chapter 19 - chapter 42)
*  The Story of the Greeks
The Story of the Romans
Botany Apologia Science

Read Alouds and Living Books to enhance what we are studying are  chosen out of several areas:

1.  Rod and Staff. I use them for learning character traits. 

2. All through the Ages Book is a book that I adore because it gives extra reading ideas and books that work with Christine Miller's Bible History and also Susan Wise's History. Since, I do both of these Histories I find it valuable.

3. My living books come from these locations and they are sites that list according to grade levels and also subjects.  SonlightAmbleside , Livingbook Curriculum and Heart of Dakota. It won't take long for you to look at these sites and see that those book which are valuable and wholesome will be on all 4 of these sites!

      (Here at the DOD Schools the public and private students have to read for 30 minutes a day with their Parent's signing off that they read at home. Please consider looking at these sites for titles for your school children as well. You can find many of these living books at your local library.)

* Almost all our Family members and many of our Friends do not homeschool, do not agree with homeschool, have no children at all and are simply not interested in every detail of our homeschool life. We also have Friends that do homeschool.  And, I have several private/public school teachers that are very interested in what we do during the day!  Since, school is apart of our daily life, I try to share our homeschool curriculum through the year on the blog in an every day format. We hope this builds the bridge for understanding in many areas!  If you are interested in some of our activities due to us schooling at home and on the road you can find things in many categories on my tool bar.
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  1. Hello!
    I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I've been enjoying your blog, and I can see that we have many wonderful things in common: Our love for our Savior, homeschooling, homemaking and more! It's lovely to meet blog friends with so many of the same interests at heart.

    I also wanted to answer the question you asked me about my bread recipe. Honestly, I have many, many favorites, but the one I used in the photos is my most requested recipe. It's a multi- grain and seed bread from a cooking store in Arizona called Shar's.

    Here's the link:

    I've got a few other bread recipes posted in my archives for Cinnamon Raisin bread, and potato bread.

    Here's one from my archives for a basic loaf of honey whole wheat bread that is simple and yummy!

    Hope this helps!

    ~Lynell from Wranglers and Ribbons

    P.S.- Hope you don't mind if I officially follow along here!

  2. Interesting. I enjoyed reading that!

  3. I love your thoughts about so true!

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  4. happy start to a new school year~! :)

  5. Fun to see what you're doing! We use the Getty/Dubay handwriting as well! (Actually, Getty was my calligraphy teacher at Portland State Univ - which is what caught my eye, but then we really liked it and have used it frequently!) Did you already start school? We are starting on the 12th. Look forward to following along on some of your schooling throughout the year!


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