Friday, August 15, 2014

A Glimpse of the Consignment Week

"The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket." Will Rogers

Our local seasonal consignment sale was this past week.
Our Pastor's family own the sale and they do an amazing job.
Practically our entire church works the sale - set up, taking in items, organizing, running cash registers, re-stocking, doing facebook/website pictures, tear down, etc.
It is a super busy week for everyone.

I don't know anyone at our church that doesn't re-sell at the consignment sale.
Life gets in the way some times so I know that some pick and choose when they do the sale.
Most of the Momma's who have more than 5 kiddos pick and choose when they can do it.
All the young single girls buy at garage sales and re-sell at the sale regularly.

It seems like each girl has their own nitch that they like to focus on.
My friend has a daughter who is about 18 years old.
The daughter focuses on buying big baby items - baby bath tubs, baby toys, baby mats, etc.
She whispered to me today that she was super excited as she changed the way she did business this year and it paid off! She sold every item that she took in and she sold every thing the very first day.   Her total was over $1000. 

Another friend's daughter only focuses on toys.
And, she said, "I think I did well."
She will only come home with a few items to re-sell the next go around.
They just make me smile.
I love to see people winning!

One of the Mom's said to me last week that she was glad that the sale was over!
Her formal dining room table was taken over by consignment items. 
I can certainly understand that ....
I took over my entire formal dinning room for two weeks with all the stuff I was trying to sell. 

As you know, my little Lady focused on books for this sale.
Unfortunatly, we really did not do as much garage sales this season as I thought we would be able to do. But, she was able to put a few books in the sale.

I started her business out with giving her $10.00
She spent $9.25 on books.
She bought books between 10 cents and 25 cents.
She made $53.75.

My little 10 year old is tickled pink with her profits!

We think we will be able to do one more consignment sale before we move out west!
But, with the garage sale season coming to an end she has to get busy if she wants to do it again.

*Pictures from Hales


  1. This looks amazing. We also have a huge consignment sale twice a year in our local community. The only downside is that I now only have a teenager and they never have anything to purchase for that age. Otherwise there is definitely money to be made buy those willing to go the distance.

  2. Wow!! You weren't kidding - that is a lot of stuff!! Way to go Little Lady!


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