Monday, August 18, 2014

Another school year.

"Prepare children for life.... and our life depends on the Lord. Academics are just a fraction of what we are teaching our children at home. Teaching them to seek the Lord above all is our main goal. Without him, the academics mean nothing..." Bible Based Homeschooling

We are back up and running on a full school schedule. This is our second week.

We school all over the house but for Math and English everyone sits at our formal dinning room table.  (We rarely eat in this room!)  So for our time here during the morning, I just put on a table pad protector to protect the wood and they just get into their favorite seat and work on their lessons.

We always have one of our three mascots join us.
Today, Bella is asking for attention.
All of them, have a bad habit of plopping themselves on the papers or demanding a kitty massage during this time.  For some reason the cats think they can get away with jumping on the table during this time. They know better to do it any other time though!

We will do 9 weeks of school.
Then, we will have a week off.
Then, we will do a 2nd 9 weeks that will have us go up to Christmas.
This will cover the first half of the school year.

Not sure when we will have to pack the house up for our move.
We are still waiting on orders. But, we suspect that we will pack the house up around the end of October, maybe. So, we are hitting our living book list fairly hard this 9 weeks.
This way when we are in transition I can keep the home school books fairly simple while we are in the camper traveling to our next duty station.


  1. A cat cannot seem to resist papers to lay on! Such a funny habit of theirs. They like to see a defined space: a flattened bag, papers, fabric. It calls to them. I'm surprised you can keep yours off the table most of the time!

  2. God bless your school year. And moving camper life in your future? We are still trying to make our new house home.

    1. Vanyah. We will hop in the camper for a few months. We aren't sure exactly when as of yet. We are waiting for the military to get their ducks in a row. More than likely we will pack up the house in October. We are waiting on military orders (papers) to plan a quick pack up and go! We know we have to be there in January. We are spending the month of December in Florida. Crazy fun life as usual!

  3. Wishing you all the best in your new school year. Though we all know that life is filled with learning and the school year simply means adding in "table work" for the little ones to work with their writing and the like. *smile* Have a great day. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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