Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Testing out the camper Labor Day Style

"There is no app for this!" - Pin Nature Quote

We are gearing up for a busy fall. Beloved is going to be learning a new plane. We will be road schooling for awhile and moving at the beginning of the year, more than likely.

This weekend, we took some time seeing if our local campground that we stayed at 2 1/2 years ago was just as fun as we remembered it when we lived in it for 5 months.  Testing it out so to speak! That way we would have some idea if we wanted to hang out at it for a few months just during our moving transition. I think there is no doubt that we enjoyed ourselves a lot!  

The RV park put in a new play ground -- fully equipped with bouncy houses and new swing sets!

A lovely hiking trail.
Several years ago, I had a miserable third trimester while being pregnant with the Little Gal. I was in so much pain from having shingles and being pre-eclampic that I never did walk the trail. So, I missed seeing the Momma bear with her cubs.  The only thing that was on the trail to greet me and make me feel special for missing out so long ago was the mosquitoes.

The RV park had a free Labor Day Dinner for all the RVers.  It was a delicious catered buffet! This entire place was packed with RVers and they did several shifts of food lines.  I was not able to get a picture of it in its full beautiful glory with candles, flowers and food.  I was helping kiddos through the line. But,  I tried to go back only to get a picture but  they had already taken everything away except for the table cloths!

Super funny! All the workers that were there when we lived at the RV Park for 5 months remembered us very well.  And, the managers and workers went around and told everyone that the Little Gal was born at the RV park.  When they were not saying that they were saying to people, "They came to stay one day but stayed 5 months."  (We were looking for a house to either rent or waiting for a house on the military instillation.)  They were very proud of having us visit with them this weekend. 

 We spent the mornings and evenings at the pool.
 We had it all to ourselves most of the time!
 Beloved was able to get a little studying done. He also took business phone calls and emails. They know where to find him. I have a feeling our life is going to be super crazy for the next few years while he is going to be the detach commander at our new place.  I guess I will have to get use to it again. We have had a fairly quiet 2 1/2 years.
We had fun! I would call it relaxing even.  Well, as relaxing as it gets with a family our size!


  1. Best wishes, Carmen, and good luck! xoxo

  2. Not sure if you received my other comment? If not let me know and I will repost, lol.

    1. Sorry, Jill. It isn't in my comment section. I am guessing the black hole blog zone took it!


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