Thursday, September 4, 2014

Block Piece into Dog Pillow

"Crafting your heart out makes room for your soul to grow." Crafting Quote

We are spending our afternoons after our "paper school" is completed trying to get some last minute crafts finished.  The Kiddos are turning their quilt blocks from the National Quilt Block Challenge into a project for the State Fair.  We are running up next to the dead line for the pre-registration for  our State Fair projects. So, a bunch of "creative messy" stuff is going on in the formal dinning room.

   As you can see, I got smart. I put a piece of cloth on the table specifically for our mascot! So, she would not get on all the other items. We don't have time to run her off on a regularly basis so we had to figure out how we could get the upper hand on the situation with out her knowing!

 The three colors for the quilt block challenge last year was yellow, a red print with different color star type shapes and a blue/yellow material. 

The Little Lady turned her block piece into a quick pillow project.
(The ear and the tail have stuffing in them.)


  1. Wonderful job. Love the idea of stuffing the head and tail.

  2. TOTALLY adorable!! Sorry my other comment was lost somewhere! I was saying how nice it was to see all your pictures, looks like everything is going well :-) Moving again... I sure give you credit, don't know how you manage starting over. This is our 9th time and I have to say it must be the hardest on me. Perhaps it's that I'm getting older... not sure but it's been tough. I wish you guys all the best as always. The beginning of the year will be here before we know it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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